Real estate course Vs real estate mentoring

In order to be efficient and close deals you will need to educate yourself. Now you don’t have to know everything, before you get started. Action is the most important thing. But you do have to have an understanding about Real Estate Investing and some knowledge before starting.

Real estate course Vs real estate mentoring

The fastest way to achieve knowledge is buying a real estate book or course. Or even better hire a Real Estate Mentor that is in the business closing deals in today’s market. The thing is which one is better, and more efficient?

Now most people will argue, that all you need is a good few books, and you can get started flipping houses tomorrow. For others the sure success is to hire a mentor. However, the price of a mentor can be pretty expensive, especially if you don’t have much money. Myself I have done both, I bought real estate courses, and books. But I also hired a mentor to learn the game and how to play it. The key is to make sure the course and/or the mentor is qualified and provides the right knowledge.

Real estate course Vs real estate mentoringI’ve heard of people grabbing a $50 E-course and than making 15k that same month. Others I’ve seen buy every course in America involved with Real Estate Investing, and never close one deal. Why is this? Probably because they failed to do the most important thing. Which is to take massive action. Now hiring a GOOD mentor is a sure way to achieve your goals fast. You still have to put the work in. But they will be there to answer any questions that pops up regarding a deal or situation. Also they will be there to keep you motivated and pushing to get closer to closing deals, and achieving  your goals.

Now you don’t need a mentor to be successful in Real Estate Investing. But put it like this, ever utlra successful person has had a mentor in there life. Some have hired them, some  are there own family member, such as a father or mother. The most important thing is to educate yourself, and take MASSIVE action!

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Real estate course Vs real estate mentoring